How to order

We recommend that you start your purchase by simply registering on our site, or log in to your previously created account so you can also see your previously purchased images on our site. Your email address is necessary so that we can send digital images to this address. Email addresses will not be retained without your permission or request. We do not send unsolicited newsletters or advertisements.

You can order digital images together with the Foto Tuning and Social Media Package option in the usual way. By clicking on the cart icon in the lower right corner of the photos, you can move your selected photos to the cart and then pay for it according to the instructions. Payment is made through PayPal’s secure interface. Our site does not have access to private information or card information and therefore cannot store it. The order will be sent automatically in minutes after successful payment. If you haven't received an email, you may want to look in the "Spam" section of your email system. The emails contain a link/links that you can click to save your image/images in full resolution to your devices. You can find the direct link on the right side of the order specification. Click on “Download” The link can be clicked multiple times from multiple devices and can also be shared with anyone. Customers of Foto Tuning and the Social Media package will receive the modified images in a separate email within 3 working days, but the system will also send them the high-resolution original photos immediately. Thus, subscribers to the extra service will receive 2 emails. One automatic and one personal with the modified photos. Both emails contain links and instructions through which the images can be accessed.

To order souvenirs containing a unique photo, you must first select a photo or photos to add to the cart. If you have previously purchased a picture and would like to see it printed again, you can find and select your previous pictures in addition to the newly selected ones placed in the basket. Of course, our system does not charge EUR 9.5 again for these previously paid images! You can see for yourself in the "Cart" interface.

Then click on the "Merchandise" tab and select which item or items you want to order. The next step is to choose from the photos you have previously added to the cart or purchased earlier, the photo you want to order a gift with, then set the details (size, color, quantity) and - where possible - indicate what unique caption you want for the product. In the comment section you can also enter any other requests, needs or comments, which we will always read and act on them. When you have completed your purchase, click on the "Cart" tab, where you can review, add, modify your order, and then follow the instructions on the page to finalize your order. Souvenirs are delivered by mail, so we also need your delivery address. Payment is made through PayPal’s secure interface. Our site does not have access to private information or card information and therefore cannot store it.

Our system sends automatic e-mails about the status of the order and the delivery process, which contain all the important information.

If you have any further questions, you can also reach us by email, Facebook, and Instagram, and we will be happy to answer all of them.