The Kanyarfoto team was created to bring the innovative concept of road snapshots to Europe. No more need to have an extra friend riding ahead and waiting for you in a curve, just to miss the best shot after all. Our professional photographers use their expertise to take photos of drivers on scenic rides in Europe, working hard not only to take the perfect shot but also to bring it to you in a convenient way.

Our goal is to provide a unique and special photo for those who enjoy their moments on the go. From families on a road trip to weekend asphalt diggers, from motorcycling clubs to friends on a scenic ride - everyone is an important subject for our lenses and each one has their own reasons to just love these shots.

The roads covered by our crew are always marked so you can be prepared to get photographed, though we strongly recommend drivers to keep their eyes on the road and act spontaneously. Better leave the waving and smiles for those on the passenger seats.

If you want us to remove a photo of you from our website for any reason, please let us know.

Business contact:
Kanyarfoto LLC
Csongor Daniel
2733 Lawyer Terrace
34288 North Port, FL
phone: 1(941) 391-3527