How do I find my photos?
All images are organized by 1. Location 2. Date 3. Time After choosing the location set the date and the approximate time you think you were passing our photographer so that you don't have to go through thousands of pictures to find yours.

How can I order?
The steps to order are as follows: Choose the photo(s) you wish to puchase and click on the basket. To complete the purchase, please log in or register in a simple way (only e-mail address and password needed) and check out with paypal or credit card. A few minutes after your order has been confirmed you will get an e-mail with a link(s) to your photo(s). You can also download the high resolution image(s) from your own account by logging in on our website.

What do I get for my money?
When you purchase a photo you will receive a link to an approximately 5472x3648 pixel or higher JPEG image (a slight variance in size is possible).
This resolution means the photo can be printed in A2 size (four times the size of a normal A4 paper) without loss of image quality. See this image for the details - click here

What if I don't get my photos?
You receive an e-mail confirming your order within minutes. In case you don't receive it, please check your spam mailbox or simply download your image(s) from your own account by logging in on our website. If that does not seem to work, contact us on Facebook via messenger or send us an e-mail.

Is Paypal the only way to purchase?
You can pay in two ways: by PayPal or by credit card on the Stripe secure payment interface (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER)

When will you upload the pictures from the latest shooting session?
After a thorough inspection process we usually start upload in the evening of the shooting session. However, within maximum 36 hours after we finish shooting all the pictures are online. The simplest way to get informed is to follow us on Facebook where we always make a post when the upload is ready.

Can I buy the photos in RAW format?
No, sorry. Due to the quantity of the photos and the space demand of raw format we are unable to trade raw images.

How long do your photos stay online?
Our servers do not have indefinite storage space, however we definitely want to keep every image for at least a few years.

What do I do if I don’t find any pictures of me?
If you don’t see yourself based on the search conditions we may have missed you or your photo didn’t go through selection. To make sure you’ll find the photos you want we highly recommend you to go past our photographer several times. We focus on motorbikes and bicycles in the first place so if you’re travelling by car, honk and/or flash your headlights so that we definitely take some shots of you.

What is delivery time of Merchandise?
Delivery time is 10 working days in Hungary and 15 days in Europe.