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19-03-2019 08:16

Kanyarfotó is in Acsa, Pest, Hungary.

On the last stage of the Sunday's trip, we were riding on a perfect re-paved road between Csővár and Galgagyörk. 👌 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto

18-03-2019 19:31

Kanyarfotó is in Hungary.

The more bikes the better! 🤘 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #elsoride

18-03-2019 08:00


Visszatértek a motorosok az utakra. Figyeljünk egymásra! Look twice for Bikes! #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #kanyarfotoelsoride

18-03-2019 06:00

Kanyarfotó is at Dobogókő.

All the photos of a special 5 minutes from yesterday's Kanyarfoto Első Ride now available on our website. Look for the "Road towards Dobogókő - Curve Freedom" location. The season is finally here! 🤘😎 #findyourmoments #uploadisready #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #szabadságkanyar

17-03-2019 23:01


It was a hugely delightful experience to organise Kanyarfoto’s first international motorcycle event. „International” because apart from the unexpected number of over a hundred Hungarian riders there was one Dutch participant. 😎😉 We would like to give one Kanyarfoto to all of You as a present. More photos can be found on our website in the usual way! 👌 The images that were taken at the meetintg point and during breaks as well as the complimentary Kanyarfotos can be downloaded here (please use the "download" function to get the original resolution): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lboulew4xrcnlbz/AACpkRgEItFsQ9SMOaMzRKAwa?dl=0 When sharing please tag Kanyarfoto Első Ride Thank you! #kanyarfotoelsoride #kanyarfoto #curvefoto #curvafoto

17-03-2019 10:25

Kanyarfotó is at Szentendrei Kutyasuli.

Gyülekezünk. Indulás 11-kor.

17-03-2019 06:00

Kanyarfotó is at Héreg-Bajna Ring.

It's #girlspowersunday We hope to see many of you in a few hours on our Első Kanyarfoto Ride!! 🤘😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #bajnahéreg #honda

16-03-2019 10:24

Kanyarfotó is at Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort.

What is the purpose of a thing like this? 😮😳 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #tailofthedragon #custombuilt

15-03-2019 11:09

Kanyarfotó is at Florida.

Who says there are no curves in Florida? 😉 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #florida

14-03-2019 13:22


This Sunday it's gonna be warm and sunny! So why not go for a ride with Kanyarfoto's motorcycle brigade? Fun, joyride and some photography. If you can make it, meet us on Szentendre's Interspar parking area. Gathering 10:30am-11:00am Tour starts at 11:00am Roughly the plan: Dobogókő, Esztergom, Szlovákia, Letkés, Márianosztra, Kóspallag, Szokolya, Vác, Penc - itt fakultatív késői ebéd. Püspökhatvan, Galgamácsa, Erdőkertes, Fót, Szentendre

14-03-2019 12:39

Kanyarfotó added an event.

Vasárnapra jó időt ígérnek, melegíts be a Kanyarfoto motoros túráján! Gyere el egy körre velünk A túrán fotózni is fogunk természetesen. A megállások ideje alatt motoros portré fotókat készítünk a csapatról, amelyeken ingyenesen juttatunk el a szereplőkhőz! 😎 Legyen fényes a szett! Gyülekezés az Interspar parkolójában (Dobogókői u. 4) 10:30-tól. Indulás 11:00-kor. Túraterv nagyvonalakban (bárhol le lehet válni és csatlakozni természetesen): Dobogókő, Esztergom, Szlovákia, Letkés, Márianosztra, Kóspallag, Szokolya, Vác, Penc - itt fakultatív késői ebéd. Püspökhatvan, Galgamácsa, Erdőkertes, Fót, Szentendre A túra tempója nyugodt, visszafogott, nézelődős.

13-03-2019 08:00

Kanyarfotó is in Orfu.

Dynamic ride by the lake near Pécs. 😎🤘 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #orfű #kawasaki

12-03-2019 07:47

Kanyarfotó is feeling excited in Parádsasvár, Heves, Hungary.

In Mátra, our favorite serpentine got a few kilometres longer this year, thanks for the road reconstruction! Can't wait to test it all! 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #mátra #bmw

11-03-2019 06:00

Kanyarfotó is at Thunder by the Bay Bike Rally.

Hard as a rock and sweet like the best candy. 😎🐶🐶🐶 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #florida #sarasota #harley

10-03-2019 10:04

Kanyarfotó is in Pécs.

Always check the curves and the surface of the road before you ride it on higher speed. 💐❤️😎 #girlspowersunday #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #pécs #honda

09-03-2019 11:29

Kanyarfotó is at Dobogókő.

Due to the yesterday's women's day, we are posting motorcycle chicks both days this weekend because we love them so much ❤️🤘💐 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #pilis #dobogókő #nőnap #honda

08-03-2019 06:00

Kanyarfotó is at Kakucs-Ring.

One of the reasons to visit a race track. #kakucsring #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #trackday #yamaha