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Di noi

Abbiamo creato Kanyarfotó con l’obiettivo che tu, tramite le nostre foto, possa rivivere l’esperienza più eccitante del tuo percorso: il momento quando raggiungi una curva e pieghi la moto o sterzi il volante con tanta concentrazione. Fino a questo momento non potevi vederti mentre facevi una curva spettacolare, ma adesso puoi. Cerca le migliori pieghe per essere immortalato in uno scatto fotografico! Compra la tua foto della curva ad alta risoluzione, e puoi farne un poster o un post che riceverà tantissimi Mi piace! Ma puoi usarla anche come foto di sfondo, o metterla in cornice e appenderla al muro. Puoi vedere la tua famiglia che ti sta salutando oppure puoi vedere quanto siano cool sia il pilota che la sua macchina. Non dimenticare! Il tuo compito è di prendere la curva nel modo più sicuro e appropriato, mentre il nostro è immortalare i momenti migliori.

12-12-2018 17:00

Kanyarfotó is in Parádsasvár, Heves, Hungary.

You can appreciate their confident riding techniques when they're not after you. 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #police #mátra

12-12-2018 15:21

Kanyarfotó is at Dobogókő.

This BMW is certainly not the most common choice though it is an extremely stylish urban bike. 😮 Maybe a little shorter name would do the job because BMW R nineT Urban G/S seems to me a bit long... 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #bmw #dobogókő

11-12-2018 11:56

Kanyarfotó is in Pécs.

The tricky curve on road66 between Pécs and Mánfa. 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #pécs #mánfa

10-12-2018 14:35

Kanyarfotó is in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Some more questions to open a discussion. 😉 People usually think of riding a bike from two aspects. On the one hand, it’s the best means of transport to get somewhere as fast as you can regardless of how heavy the traffic is (although in most states of the US you are not allowed to slalom among cars in traffic jams) On the other hand it’s an expression of freedom and limitless possibilities of one’s existence that shows who you are and what you think of the world. We believe that part of the expression could be wearing this sort of gear, in other words, wearing no protection whatsoever. In Europe because of the different rules and regulations we are very far from this, however let’s stop for a moment and imagine that these rules don’t exist! Would you like to ride like that or do you prefer wearing your full motorcycle clothing? Are you a more cautious rider when you don’t get dressed properly? Does wearing protective gear make you more reckless and irresponsible? Riding a bike does have some dangers and you always need to think of the risks and consequences regardless of what you wear. When this photo was taken, it was boiling hot, but we from Curvefoto were both wearing all our protective gear. And over there they thought we were the weirdos.. 😎🌞 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #daytonabeach #harley

10-12-2018 10:04

Kanyarfotó is with Juhász Lajos and 3 others at Bükk Hegység.

Szia, hello, ciao, hallo! 😎🤘 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #sayhello #bükk

09-12-2018 13:43

Kanyarfotó is in Orfu.

A flying ponytail on a flying Cagiva. 🤘😎 We really admire girl bikers on the roads and are very excited to share our new Sunday hashtag with you ! #girlspowersunday From now on Sundays will be dedicated to fearless female riders. 💐😎 If you'd like us to share your photo, tag us on INSTAGRAM (@Kanyarfoto) with your own watermarked picture, use the hashtag #girlspowersunday and we'll post the best images. #sunnysummermemories #girlspowersunday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #cagiva

09-12-2018 08:25

Kanyarfotó is in Pilisszentkereszt.

It's Sunday so let's see some biker girls again. This photo was taken on 9th of April. That was the first real warmer day in 2018 this area. Hope spring will knock on winter's door a bit earlier next year! We really admire girl bikers on the roads and are very excited to share our new Sunday hashtag with you ! #girlspowersunday From now on Sundays will be dedicated to fearless female riders. 💐😎 If you'd like us to share your photo, tag us on INSTAGRAM (@Kanyarfoto) with your own watermarked picture, use the hashtag #girlspowersunday and we'll post the best images. #sunnysummermemories #girlspowersunday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #yamaha

08-12-2018 17:00

Kanyarfotó is in Pilisszentkereszt.

We could only guess the exact type of this bike (and you guys are gonna help us out right away), but this couple is so cool we had to show them to you. 🤘😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #pilis

08-12-2018 13:22

Kanyarfotó is in Parádsasvár, Heves, Hungary.

Biker in the wilderness. 😎 Mátra is a special place for the local bikers. It is the highest peak in Hungary - Kékestető with it's 1014 meter altitude. It has beautiful roads - some of them freshly repaved. And the nature takes your breath away. 😎 Have you been there yet? #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #mátra #bmw

07-12-2018 17:08

Kanyarfotó is at Passo Stelvio - Stilfserjoch.

In June, around 300 antique tractors climbed the mountain to take a part in the Vintage Tractor Tour on Stelvio Pass. This special rally - just like most of the car and motorcycle meetings - was really interesting not only for the participants but also for everyone else who were lucky enough to witness the event while enjoying the beautiful nature. It is really great to see that these machines have such active retirement. If I were a tractor I would like to live their lives. 😎😉 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #traktor

07-12-2018 14:58

Kanyarfotó is in Parádsasvár, Heves, Hungary.

Badass riding skills. 😎🤘 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #mátra #suzuki

07-12-2018 09:52

Kanyarfotó is at Héreg-Bajna Ring.

Dangerous riders, speeding cars, cyclists not wearing proper protective gear. Most of the time that’s what you hear regarding travel on country roads. We had a couple of open discussions about bikers and drivers crossing the "double yellow" and mostly we've agreed it is very dangerous. And then we capture something like this on a nice sunny Sunday when this road was covered by weekend riders and drivers! But seriously! What the hell can you do if something like this is coming opposite you in a curve? We don’t want to pass a judgement this time either (perhaps a little bit..) since these agricultural vehicles also need to get from A to B, but maybe some form of escort should have been provided. What do you think? Is the term 'street legal' applicable here? #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #harvester

06-12-2018 17:32

Kanyarfotó is at Santa Claus House - North Pole, Alaska.

Santa is already cruising around! 🎅

06-12-2018 07:59

Kanyarfotó is at Passo Stelvio - Stilfserjoch.

Multi layers on Stelvio Pass. Wiesmann MF4 S before the curve and after the curve. 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #passodellostelvio #wiesmann

05-12-2018 16:48

Kanyarfotó is in Daytona Beach, Florida.

A proper parking area. 😎 #photooftheday #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #daytonabeach

05-12-2018 12:09

Kanyarfotó is in Pécs.

Kawasaki Z in crusing in the sunshine. 🤘 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #kawasaki #pécs

04-12-2018 14:32

Kanyarfotó is at Passo Stelvio - Stilfserjoch.

Perfect car for Tuesdays. 😎 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #porsche #passodellostelvio

03-12-2018 15:00

Kanyarfotó is in Parádsasvár, Heves, Hungary.

Nice and confident move in one of the hairpins in Mátra / Hungary👌 We'll most probably have a track day in the summer, and we'll be giving out photos taken of elbow touching the asphalt for free, we promise. 😉 But on the roads let's be a little less of a racer. Obviously we love this snapshot - that's one of the reasons for the post. It is also part of the story that we know this maneuver was completed safely. However, in traffic things can change rapidly and dramatically... Together with you, motorsport enthusiasts, we could have a discussion about it. That's the other reason we're posting it. 👍 #sunnysummermemories #kanyarfoto #curvafoto #curvefoto #suzuki #mátra